A School for Creativity, Consciousness & Clarity


The Broad Place run immersive urban, regional and global Retreats throughout the year to provide tools for greater clarity, creativity and to enable your greatest potential . Our Retreats are all founded on the principle of High Grade Living meaning our guests experiences are always one of the highest quality. These thoughtfully curated capsules of time away from the busyness of modern life give you the opportunity to work on and develop your best self whilst enjoying the company of other like minded people.


We have something incredible planned for London on November 17th 2019; our Day Retreat; a huge immersion. Join Jacqui Lewis personally for the deepest dive into understanding yourself so you can bring your best self to the world. Have you ever felt like you are only steps away from elevating yourself and your life? But just don’t have the clarity and tools in which to make it happen?

This Day Retreat will be a small intimate group, limited to 15 students only where we will collectively dive into knowledge and practices to give you the tools to work with in life. The outcome is a less stressed and overwhelmed you, replaced with a more grounded intuitive you – to enable you live aligned to your higher self that’s creative and conscious. Wisdom and knowledge, exercises and conversation where we break for nourishing food, and time in nature with wonderful people – will you join us?


Every year we host our magnificent Retreat at Byron Bay on Australia’s East Coast. You’re invited to join us at the luscious Atlantic Byron Bay where everything will be created around our three key pillars of Creativity, Consciousness and Clarity Retreat. Our wonderful inspired energy goes into the meticulous planning in creating all our Retreats and this Retreat that will wrap 2020 is going to be better than ever.

At Home Weekend Retreat

It’s not a frequent enough occurrence that we have the time to take ourselves away from the world, to revive and nourish and shed off the stresses of modern day living. It has been on our minds that geography, proximity, time, finances and other factors like families make it impossible for most people to escape the modern, busy world to come away with us. So if this if you, we created a carefully curated The Broad Place At Home Weekend Retreat Program just for you!