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Mentoring Online with Jacqui Lewis

Mentoring Online with Jacqui Lewis

£550.00 GBP

Available sessions here are ONLINE only. 

Jacqui Lewis takes a very practical approach to mentoring. Jacqui specialises in ancient knowledge and modern living, she employs techniques based off current neuroscience to ensure you have the necessary and most effective tools to navigate life successfully. This approach is shown to fast track and refocus people lives allowing them to experience living in a peak performance flow state with increased clarity. These are not therapy sessions, although much personal growth can stem from the steps you’ll take in your sessions with Jacqui. 

Overcoming major life changing experiences both personally and professionally, being a powerhouse of creativity, having founded several successful businesses and creating The Broad Place with husband Arran, Jacqui has gained a completely holistic view of people and their obstacles. Through combining both her extensive knowledge of the world of business and her in-depth training as a Vedic Mediation expert she provides space for her wisdom and wealth of knowledge to, almost intuitively, understand exactly what ancient tool her students will benefit from and then make it relatable and practical for their individual needs.

In these sessions Jacqui is able to fully express her unique dream of creating greater consciousness in individuals where they are then well equip to overcome there own personal challenges. During a One on One Mentoring session, you will regain clarity, enhance creativity and expand your thinking to move towards your fullest self potential. We believe these sessions provide a cohesive way to ensure you achieve optimal long lasting results and provide you with the best possible experience on your journey. The frequency of these sessions is based off the individual need and capability of the student, they can be in person or online if unable to make it to the school. Appointment availability is limited so please email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au to discuss any questions you may have and or schedule in your session above. 




Philip Gartland
The sessions with Jacqui have helped me immensely to calm my mental state and give me a blueprint for dealing with multiple issues including anxiety, dealing with conflict and finding a pathway to greater happiness. I was genuinely surprised as to how “rounded” Jacqui’s advice is across a wide range of topic maters and would highly recommend her one on one sessions for anyone who needs a reboot emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
Caroline Wels

I have been lucky enough to experience mentoring sessions with Jac as part of my Initiator Training. I thought Id want to delve into teaching topics but I discovered it was an opportunity to explore some personal obstacles after becoming a new mother. Jac was able to quickly dissect my thought process, re-frame deep seeded beliefs and shift my view of reality to open me to a new way of looking at myself and how I parent, further more sharing these new concepts with my partner unlocked some unknown blockages within our relationship. It was an incredibly groundbreaking and inspiring experience I value more than I could have imagined!   

Elizabeth Gilbert

I love personal mentoring with Jac. She has helped me further my meditation practice and adapt it to a life with two small boys… guiding me to let go of the perfect to get to the good. Mentoring is also the most refreshing conversation where you are free to indulge the bigger questions about where you are and where you are going and then to sit (or sometimes squirm) honestly with your own conclusions. Jac is a straight shooter but always kind and invariably funny. Making the process of looking a bit closer at our (messy) selves, enlightening but also fairly enjoyable.

Michael Balint

I first met Jac when I attended her course on Vedic meditation and found her approach engaging and wholehearted. I continue to attend The Broad Place for events such as meditation and discussion sessions and talks on various topics to help us navigate the wondrous but often overwhelming and confusing world we live in.

I then booked in several one-on-one mentoring sessions with Jac. These sessions were incredibly valuable to me. Jac’s wise, real and engaging approach allowed us to have conversations and discuss tools and approaches that helped me with specific challenges, learn to see the simple pleasures in life and work towards opportunities that lay before me. I feel so fortunate to have had and highly recommend these tailored and valuable mentoring sessions.

Fast track personal and professional growth and development.

Available sessions here are ONLINE only.