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The Broad Place Teaches in London!

We are in London to teach special courses in Integrated Meditation. If you are interested in sitting the Course the details are below, and you can sign up right away. This course will be hosted by Jacqui Lewis personally.

We host Free Introductory Talk on Integrated Meditation and you can book online HERE.

If you wish to learn with us, you can book our upcoming courses, HERE.

For each course, all sessions must be attended.  Each course will be held at either a beautiful private residence in Notting Hill.
Private one on one courses also available. Please enquire over email.


The meditation technique we teach comes from an ancient body of knowledge called the Veda and is about knowledge of life. It’s a simple sitting practice with mantra’s that allow the mind to dive beyond thought, and launder stress, tension and fatigue from the body, increasing clarity, enhancing creativity and expanding consciousness. The course we teach is so that you can learn all you need to be able to independently meditate with confidence absolutely anywhere, ongoing, every day.
All meditation comes from India, and was designed originally for enlightenment, and although all meditation is good, it has not been created equal, or with the same benefits. For the modern mind and life, not all meditation is easy. We hear too often ‘oh I tried it and can’t meditate’. We counter, ‘you simply haven’t learnt the right technique yet’.
The technique of meditation taught and practiced at The Broad Place is called Integrated Meditation (IM) and comes from an ancient body of knowledge called the Veda. IM is a technique of mantra based meditation that can be done anywhere, anytime, for 10-20 minutes twice a day, and once learnt by students, can be practiced for life without the need for anything else. No strained pretzel positions,  no belief systems, no apps, no trying to control the monkey mind. A simple technique that was designed for busy people with busy minds, not for ashrams and monasteries.
We call when we sit for Integrated Meditation the IaM Session; where we are a human BEing and not a human DOing for short moments on our days that are our investments so that we can better engage with life.
As we sit for our IaM Sessions daily, we find ourselves more creative and gaining more clarity. Our consciousness and awareness expands.  Our brains and nervous system are moving out of fight-flight stress responses and are repairing and we begin to gain insights and understand ourselves better.
Integrated Meditation honours this process by combining this simple meditation technique with education and support. We have created a brilliant online education program to further enhance creativity, understand stress and anxiety, and engage in the world with tools and techniques for graceful high grade living.


-Integrating ancient knowledge with modern science and living, The Broad Place Integrated Meditation Education and Support Programs are hosted online and in person. The modules, talks, lectures and workshops can be absorbed at the students personal pace. Through this, Integrated Meditation creates lasting personal change for our students, to enhance their creativity, increase their clarity and expand their consciousness.
– Multi Session Learn In Person Meditation Course
– Access to IaM Vault filled with lectures, meetings, talks, recipes, reading lists and our ongoing question and answer forum with students
Enhanced Education Modules including:
– the mind body connection and the neuroscience of stress
– creating your daily rituals and routines
– increasing joy and happiness
– tools to thrive in stressful situations
– our no B.S guide to gratitude
– understanding creative thinking and how to adopt it daily
– meditation motivation and productivity
– the ancient art of Rounding, a yoga, breath and meditation sequence
– The option to resit the meditation course at any time
– Access to Weekly Meditation Recharge Sessions and Monthly Gatherings
– Personal Follow Up and Ongoing Inspiration to Continue Meditating


Group Course Investment
£750 per adult
Couples/Friends sitting together receive 10% off
Single Parents receive 40% off
Full Time Students receive 20% off

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