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L E T T E R – SLOWING DOWN Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

Intention Setting for the week is about slowing down. Exploring what this might mean to you.

Things to look into this week:

  • How can I create more space in my days and weeks?
  • Where am I deliberately pushing myself and what can I do to reduce this?
  • What would my life look like at a more present pace?
  • How can I stop multi-tasking and being to put 100% into everything I do?

Last Wednesday night in London, I recorded a 45-minute talk I did on this very topic. It is available for all our Integrated Meditation students within our private Facebook group, so please check it out. Comment and let’s continue a conversation!

Additionally, Kate Pascoe Squires interviewed me for The Slow Down and you can read the interview HERE.

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Jac x

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