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London Day Retreat; Living From The Heart

This beautiful immersion is a day in which to release all of which is blocking you from your own heart, to the path of deeper love, for yourself and everyone in your life. We all know ‘love is the answer’, and in our simpler moments it makes perfect sense. However, we get lost in our days and fractured in our experiences of the world. This Day Retreat will be a deeper exploration as to how to love more simply, and more deeply and more importantly working with all the blocks to that experience. We will explore together philosophy, experiences, connection, and tools to take us back into the world with clarity, wonder, curiosity and of course, deeper love.

Jacqui herself has been through decades of creative curiosity through understanding deeply her own heartbreak, losing her path, deep grief, and finding her way back again and has continued to work with so many around the world in rekindling their connection to their heart, and within that their purpose in their life. 

Ram Dass was an amazing teacher to me and to so many, and his recent passing on has inspired me to dive even further into his teachings. He taught the Path Of The Heart so honestly and deeply and it will be an honour to incorporate his teachings into this special Retreat. I will be sharing a special meditation he taught me one on one within this Day Retreat, so you can experience it and incorporate it into your meditation practices as well.

Join Jacqui for an immersion into rich education, delightful experience, and nourishing food with wonderful people. The morning will begin with a guided meditation and a deep dive into values that can anchor us, as we work through self-limiting beliefs, dive into what blocks our experience of love at all times, and aligning ourselves with self-love and self-care. We will finish with how to extend that love out to everyone in our lives, for freedom and peace. The Day Retreat will involve sharing and connecting with others also, and experiencing first hand the connection that the heart craves to experience.

The Day Retreat includes;

– all knowledge and education with Jac personally

– a nourishing lunch

– herbal teas and drinks

– worksheets to work on throughout the Retreat take home 

– a special gift


Sunday 26th January at Skin Matters, London
Time; 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Fee; £400 incl VAT payable in advance only
Emotion; Bring yourself just as you are, raw and ready



We so look forward to sharing this experience with you, it will be utterly grand! Any questions please don’t hesitate to hit up our team info@thebroadplace.co.uk

Jac x