A School for Creativity, Consciousness & Clarity


This is a class in how to truly activate more creativity in your life. Jacqui will share practical philosophy on expanding flow, creativity and curiosity for a more elevate and enhanced life. Over 90 minutes we will work progressively through where you are creative with deep insights into how you are already living creatively and how to expand on this. We will also dive into where you are blocked, and what to do about it. 

Sat 29th February
Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs
Regular Rate $75 incl GST

We’ll also have our Day Retreat in Sydney on Sun 1st March 2020!

Join Jacqui in Sydney for an immersion into rich education, delightful experience, and nourishing food with wonderful people. The morning will begin with a guided meditation and a deep dive into values that can anchor us, as we work through self limiting beliefs, dive into what blocks our experience of love at all times, and aligning ourselves with self love and self care. We will finish with how to extend that love out to everyone in our lives, for freedom and peace. The Day Retreat will involve sharing and connecting with others also, and experiencing first hand the connection that the heart craves to experience.

Full details can be read HERE.


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