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  • A Decade Closes and Another Opens

    0 Lessons


  • The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge - JAN 2020

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  • Integrated Meditation IamVault

    14 Lessons

    For The Broad Place Student who has sat the In-Person Integrated Meditation course. This is is your IamVault, you’ll find all of your bonus content here including POST COURSE NOTES! This is a self-paced program with loads of juicy material to work through as you please. Haven’t Learnt yet? Check out our Integrated Meditation Page…
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  • Mother’s Mind Cleanse E-Book

    2 Lessons £18.00 GBP

    The Mothers Mind Cleanse is a guide for the modern mum.  With philosophy and tools to think with more clarity, to live better, and to feel more fulfilled, the Mothers Mind Cleanse cuts through all the noise and aids in calm and thoughtful ways in which to be a brilliant mother. Parenting has never been easy, and…
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  • Pause The Panic; A Quick Class on Anxiety

    4 Lessons

    After a deeply challenging week, where I felt pushed, drained and everything felt like it was on high definition, I went into free fall panic. It’s been a LONG time since I panicked hard, and the anxiety hit me like a tsunami. Nothing in particular triggered it, rather a simple yet quick succession of small…
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  • Values

    1 Lessons Complimentary

    Aligning our values is so incredibly important to living authentically. They are the anchors for us in turbulent times and allow us to reconnect to our purpose. The thing is many people don’t know what their values are! So we have created a really simple way of working on your values. This work can go…
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  • A Short Course in Zen

    7 Lessons Complimentary

    Welcome to The Broad Place Short Course in Zen. As a student of all ancient knowledge, my speciality is fusing this with modern living. At The Broad Place, we take philosophy and make it practical. My constant questioning and personal practice is to gain deeper knowledge of these questions. Can we, with grace, bring together…
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