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  • The Broad Place - High Vibe Program for Challenging Times

    4 Lessons Complimentary

    Dear friend, We have committed to making this High Vibe Program a GIFT in the face of Coronavirus to all of those in dire need with no finances available to them. We ourselves are a small business, and if you can afford to pay for it, it would mean the world to us, the retail…
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  • Closing a Decade; Inviting Another

    9 Lessons £22.00 GBP

    ‘This program can be done at your own pace and you may resit components and need time to work through so don’t rush and work through January on this!’ This Course is a 4 module part course to close off a decade of life, and invite with consciousness, clarity and creativity the next decade. Co-founder…
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  • ENHANCE Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

    16 Lessons £280.00 GBP

    This is your GO-TO program, if you’ve been itching to meditate with purpose, see results and specifically enhance your creativity, clarity and consciousness through modern tools and techniques. Whether you already meditate (this is your booster pack), or are brand new to meditation, we have you covered. If you’re just bored with meditation, this is…
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  • The Be Your Best Self Program

    9 Lessons £35.00 GBP

    A carefully curated program for you to begin the process of releasing yourself from being a prisoner of your thoughts and learn how to become a pioneer of your future. The Broad Place Be Your Best Self Program is designed to help you practically begin the journey of restoring your emotional balance and harmony by getting your mind…
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  • Integrated Meditation IamVault

    15 Lessons

    For The Broad Place Student who has sat the In-Person Integrated Meditation course. This is is your IamVault, you’ll find all of your bonus content here including POST COURSE NOTES! This is a self-paced program with loads of juicy material to work through as you please. Haven’t Learnt yet? Check out our Integrated Meditation Page…
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  • Mother’s Mind Cleanse E-Book

    2 Lessons £18.00 GBP

    The Mothers Mind Cleanse is a guide for the modern mum.  With philosophy and tools to think with more clarity, to live better, and to feel more fulfilled, the Mothers Mind Cleanse cuts through all the noise and aids in calm and thoughtful ways in which to be a brilliant mother. Parenting has never been easy, and…
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  • 7 Day Mind Cleanse

    3 Lessons £18.00 GBP

    The 7 Day Mind Cleanse is a revolutionary e-book that will shift and change the way in which you live, for the better. It will increase your happiness and joy, make you feel more grounded, and in control in day to day life. It has been designed to boost your happy hormones. The 7 Day…
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  • Pause The Panic; A Quick Class on Anxiety

    4 Lessons

    After a deeply challenging week, where I felt pushed, drained and everything felt like it was on high definition, I went into free fall panic. It’s been a LONG time since I panicked hard, and the anxiety hit me like a tsunami. Nothing in particular triggered it, rather a simple yet quick succession of small…
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  • Rounding Tuition

    3 Lessons £35.00 GBP

    Rounding draws on ancient Vedic knowledge of mind, body and spirit alignment to take the body into deep states of rest and renewal. A complete 60-minute sequence for Integrated, Vedic or mantra-based transcending meditators, this advanced practice takes your meditation to the next level. We will guide you through the special sequence step by step, as…
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  • Values

    1 Lessons Complimentary

    Aligning our values is so incredibly important to living authentically. They are the anchors for us in turbulent times and allow us to reconnect to our purpose. The thing is many people don’t know what their values are! So we have created a really simple way of working on your values. This work can go…
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  • A Short Course in Zen

    7 Lessons Complimentary

    Welcome to The Broad Place Short Course in Zen. As a student of all ancient knowledge, my speciality is fusing this with modern living. At The Broad Place, we take philosophy and make it practical. My constant questioning and personal practice is to gain deeper knowledge of these questions. Can we, with grace, bring together…
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  • At Home Weekend Retreat

    2 Lessons £25.00 GBP

    It’s not a frequent enough occurrence that we have the time to take ourselves away from the world, to revive and nourish and shed off the stresses of modern-day living. We are so fortunate at The Broad Place to play a part in the role of people renewing themselves, in that we spend time taking…
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  • The Broad Place High Vibrational Living 14 Day Challenge

    12 Lessons

    We know that once we make the commitment to serve our higher selves, our energy brightens, our clarity increases and our consciousness expands. It’s like our hearts and souls sing for what they wanted all along, and the universe conspires to help us! This what this High Vibrational Challenge is all about; allowing ourselves to…
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  • High Vibrational Challenge with Gift Bonuses

    5 Lessons

    Welcome! I have found that even once we make the commitment to serve our higher selves, our energy brightens, our clarity increases and our consciousness expands. It’s like our hearts and souls sing for what they wanted all along, and the universe conspires to help us! This what this Challenge is all about; to allow…
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  • Elevate Membership - Annual Bundle

    16 Lessons £480.00 GBP

    This transformational twelve month course will equip you with the tools, education, inspiration and accountability you need to make this year incredible.