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The Broad Place – High Vibe Program for Challenging Times


Dear friend,

We have committed to making this High Vibe Program a GIFT in the face of Coronavirus to all of those in dire need with no finances available to them. We ourselves are a small business, and if you can afford to pay for it, it would mean the world to us, the retail value we had already halved to $18USD, but you can also contribute whatever you like through the Patreon system. We initially opened this up as a gift to everyone within the hospitality industry globally, as it was our lifeblood for decades and so many of our dear friends are losing their businesses. Like them, we are struggling to stay afloat, but we are determined to contribute as much good as we can into the world, and your support helps us do just that.

With deep thanks,
Jac and Arran

‘You can choose to donate
whatever amount you want,
no matter how small or large’


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We are in the midst of some of the weirdest times on earth that I have, and potentially you have ever experienced. There is a lot of fear and anxiety, and outright terror at what lies ahead. For it is unknown. However this also presents a remarkable opportunity for us as humans, to reconnect with what is truly important. To understand ourselves on a deeper level. To learn, to expand and to be better people throughout and at the end of this time. 

Now let’s all be frank, meditating, and getting enough rest and being calm, grounded and compassionate won’t cure us from a globally spreading virus. However it will make the whole process of dealing with the situation a LOT better than running around freaking out. 

We might not be in control of the situation, but we can certainly control ourselves, our reactions and responses. We can take the opportunity to build a personal TOOLBOX of techniques, a daily ROUTINE to ground ourselves, and as well as of compassion and kindness deep enough to serve us in times of need and to be of service. 

When we are grounded, relaxed, and trusting, then we can CREATE and INNOVATE. Which is exactly what is needed now. So this High Vibe Program is two fold, it’s getting the foundations right, so that you can then build upwards from there with the right mindset and tools. 

We have created this with 12 potent steps within an e-book, that we will walk you through and then you will implement as you go. We haven’t created a specific time frame around this, as you can continue to engage with the High Vibe Program as long as you need. 

1. Creating the right Mindset daily
2. Your Twice Daily Meditation Practice
3. Moving Your Body every day
4 . Quenching Body and Mind through hydration
5. Samurai Breath work
6. Quality Rest for mind and body
7. Supportive Communication
8. Nourishing Yourself
9. Be Present to Beauty
10. Be Loving and Kind
11. Getting Creative
12. Time to Innovate

How we hold ourselves in this challenging time will be so vital for laying the foundations for our future. This High Vibe Program will give you the steps and tools needed to be at your best self throughout this uncertainty.

If you have any questions on the above, feel free to email us at info@thebroadplace.co.uk

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The Broad Place – High Vibe Program for Challenging Times

Live with more Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness

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