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Bridging Course in Vedic Meditation

The Bridging Course is a great option for those wanting to realign with their practise. It allows you to join us in one of our group courses for sessions, 2 & 3. (As you’ve already received your mantra you don’t need to resit the first ceremony).

The investment is £450 (plus VAT) and this gives you a lifetime membership with The Broad Place where you can access all our recordings and resources in our Library as well as resit another group course with us, anytime for free, for life.

We just need the following info prior to booking;
– Where and from whom you learnt Vedic Meditation (or your technique from the same lineage)?
– How long have you been meditating?

Please email us your answers and if you have any questions at info@thebroadplace.co.uk

More people are turning to meditation than ever before, as the demands of modern day living increase. Meditation is considered to be the number one tool for enhanced creativity, clarity and consciousness. At The Broad Place we teach and practice Vedic Meditation which is an ancient mantra based practice. The teachings are layered with mindfulness and present moment awareness in our daily lives, compassion and gratitude and a focus on living creatively. We practice Vedic Meditation in order to be more engaged in all areas of our lives. READ MORE HERE!

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